Poppy Pinot Grigio bottle image
Poppy Pinot Grigio bottle image

Poppy Pinot Grigio 2015

Tasting Notes

‘Poppy’ has a delicate nose of pear skin and citrus, a delicious combination which pervades the palate, too.  This wine is perfect as an aperitif, or terrific with sushi or creamy soft white cow cheeses.

We had a very early start to vintage in 2015, with generally mild conditions throughout. We had only a handful of hot days, which allowed natural acids to develop nicely. This was a very short, sharp vintage, with most winemakers finishing  their vintage well before Easter.  Yields were down, somewhere between 10 and 30% depending on variety.  Joch’s take on the whole thing? ‘Fast, early and pretty’.

You can make two styles of wine with this variety; Grigio comes from the mountains in the north east of Italy (Fruili) and is fresher and lighter than the Pinot Gris which hails from the Alsace. We are aiming for the Grigio style (hence the name on the bottle!) and because of this, we pick early and at night and ferment the wine in stainless steel. Picking at night helps us keep the grapes cool and protect the natural acidity of the wine. We don’t mature the wine in oak at all.

Technical Details

Picking Date: 4th February 2015

Alc/Vol: 13.0%

Bottling Date: 11th May 2015