Poppy Pinot Grigio 2012

Vintage Notes

It is a massive truism, but really, every vintage is different. Vintage 2012 was condensed into about 8 weeks from go to whoa which meant we had finished crushing all grapes by the end of March. Generally this feat would only be accomplished by the middle to end of April. Yields across all varieties were considerably down on average (from 15-40% in some varieties), but quality is looking very promising for both reds and whites. We had cool conditions up until the end of February then some rain, which did not affect things too much (see vintage 2011)as the whites were already picked and safely in the winery, and reds were unaffected. 


Joch’s sensitive side came to the fore when making the Poppy – he made this wine in the Grigio, rather than the Gris style, i.e. we wanted to retain the fresh gentle aromas of the variety and make a light bodied, fresh wine as opposed to a heavier bodied Gris style (these are made in Alsace and tend to be rich, even oily wines.). To this end we picked the grapes early at about 12 degrees Beaume and allowed them a cool, temperature controlled ferment in a stainless steel tank. This Modus Operandi is critical in making sure the resulting wine is fresh and light. Poppy did not spend any time in oak barrels at all.

Tasting Note

‘Poppy’is light and fresh with a gentle nose of nashi pear and citrus, and a silky smooth palate. Serve as an aperitif, or eat with Spaghetti alla Vongole or, if you’re struggling to find some Greek wine in your cellar, our Pinot Grigio will step up admirably when matched with Taramasalata. Light pasta dishes and mild cheese will go well with the Poppy too.

Technical Details

Picking Date8th February 2012
Bottling Date6th August 2012

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