Morning Bride Rosé bottle image
Morning Bride Rosé bottle image

Morning Bride Rosé 2022

Tasting Notes

Morning Bride is pale and has a bright coral hue – just what we like here in the marketing and cellar door office.  Strawberries and cream on the nose that matches the palate. Morning Bride has a good length and flows with bright crunchy acid, super texture and a lovely structure, and it is dry – pink wine for red wine drinkers in hot weather!

We had above average winter and early spring rains, a cool summer and gentle ripening conditions throughout the 2022 season. This ripening period was also dry, and we didn’t experience any heat spikes at all. Veraison (the stage of grape development when the grapes change colour as they get nearer to harvest) was later than usual, and picking across all varieties was a little later than usual, too. Overall, a terrific vintage, with super quality whites and reds too.

The Morning Bride is a dedicated Rosé – that is, we picked the Shiraz grapes with the express intention of making this wine, I.e  we pick them early, when they have very different flavours to the Shiraz we pick later to make our red wine. We allow a small amount of time for the grapes to sit on the skins (to get the lovely colour ) before pressing straight off the skins and making it like a white wine – fermenting it in stainless steel tanks. Morning bride doesn’t spend any time in oak barrels and is not allowed to go through malolactic fermentation – we love the crisp acidity!

Technical Details

Picking Date: 2nd and 7th March 2022

Alc/Vol: 12.5%

Bottling Date: 11th May 2022