Morning Bride Rosé bottle image
Morning Bride Rosé bottle image

Morning Bride Rosé 2020

Tasting Notes

Strawberries, watermelon and a crisp dry palate – a lovely wine. A very bright colour. Perfect when served chilled on spring afternoons on the deck or served with a traditional southern French onion tart, or pissaladière

I asked Joch to give me his vintage report for 2020 and this is what I got verbatim and straight from the horse’s mouth; ‘Looked like a bastard of a year; hot and dry and then it rained in late January and early February and a cool change moved in, which continued through to February and March and these conditions finished everything off nicely. There were tiny yields and so in reality 2020 ended up only a bitch of a year, not a bastard.

The Morning Bride is a proper Rosé; we picked Shiraz grapes very early to make this wine. When you pick Shiraz early it means the grapes have a very different flavour to when we pick them to make the red wine. We make the wine like we would a white wine – press it off skins (after allowing it time to get some colour from the skins) and then ferment in stainless steel tanks (no oak). We bottle the wine as soon as we can to preserve the fresh crunchy flavours.  

Technical Details

Picking Date: 24th February 2020

Alc/Vol: 12.5%

Bottling Date: 16th April 2020