Morning Bride Rosé bottle image
Morning Bride Rosé bottle image

Morning Bride Rosé 2019

Tasting Notes

As our Morning Bride is picked to be a rose (rather than an afterthought) the flavours tend to be on the green end of the flavour continuum, as we pick the grapes early. Strawberries, watermelon rind and a whiff of spice on the nose combine with wonderful acidity and a lovely dry finish. Chill and serve without delay.

We had good spring rains but lower summer rainfall than we usually receive in McLaren Vale. As a result of this dry growing period, disease pressure was low (no mildews!) although we had a couple of heat spikes in late January and some hot days in February which resulted in reduced crops compared to 2018 (down by up to 30% depending on variety).  Whites were picked early in February and picking of the reds started at the beginning of March and was largely all over by the end of the month. Quality is terrific however, naturally.

We pick our Shiraz early to make a dedicated Rosé. The Shiraz comes from our Chanticleer vineyard, and the time it takes them to get from there to the winery is the time we allow the wine to stay on its skins. We press the grapes off their skins as soon as they get to the winery so we get that delicate pale pink colour that we want. When you pick Shiraz at a lower sugar level (Beaumé) you get completely different characters. We bottle the Morning Bride pretty much as soon as we can after (the very cool) ferment has finished.

Technical Details

Picking Date: 2nd March 2019

Alc/Vol: 12.0%

Bottling Date: 17th July 2019