Sweet Pea McLaren Vale Moscato 2013

Vintage Notes

We had good winter rains then warm summer conditions which brought about an early harvest. We had a few hot-cool-hot-cool periods which made it a little trickier to decide when to pick, but Joch reckons he got it right in the end.


This would have to be South Australia’s (if not Australia’s) only single vineyard, organically grown Moscato. We make it using ‘Red Fronty’, which is the McLaren Vale vernacular for Muscat à Petits Grains (red frontignac). The grape variety is common throughout central and eastern Europe, as well as here is Australia. Even though it is a red grape, it is used to make sweet or dry white wines. We use it to make our slightly sweet, gently ‘frizzante’ pink ‘Moscato’ wine. We pick the grapes and allow a couple of hours of skin contact before pressing off and fermenting, which lets us get the gentle pink colour. We stop fermentation when the wine is about 7% alcohol. 

Tasting Note

‘Sweet Pea’ has a delicate nose of blood orange, pink grapefruit and rosewater which moves gently onto a fresh balanced palate. Sweet Pea is a versatile wine – it can be served as an aperitif, or matched very successfully with scrambled eggs and  smoked salmon for brunch. It also works very well with a strawberry pavlova or even a cheesecake. 

Technical Details

Picking Date11th MArch 2013
Total Acidity7.09
Bottling Date19th April 2013

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